✧ SuperFull Blood Blue Moon Total Lunar Eclipse In Leo 1/31 ✧

meagan moon message from the moon // super full blood blue moon 1/31 in Leo

✧ This January's 2nd SuperFull Moon is on 1/31 in Leo 

Essences: Awareness, action, totality, non-attachment, creative expression, observation, wildness, gratitude


Questions to Ask: What (ideas, feelings, relationships, beliefs) am I presently attached to?

How can I support myself in letting go of those attachments? 

Do I believe that something is wrong with me? Why?

How can I support myself in seeing my perfection, my wholeness?

What intentions do I need to take action on?

How can I express myself creatively? 

What creative outlets fuel my power?


What to Become Aware Of: This is a massive moon, nestled with a total lunar eclipse! It is a time when we may deeply allow ourselves to bear witness to our strongest attachments, which are inherently energetic and created by us. Let this be your time to (without judgement!) observe what you have chained yourself to. Release. Release. Release.Remember that you have the absolute power to do so, just as you had the power to choose to attach in the first place. This could come in the form of seeing ideas, concepts, or beliefs that have been weighing you down — such as the perfect diet, the perfect exercise routine, beliefs that you are not worthy, beliefs that you are not smart enough, beliefs that the outside world has told you about how something “should” be done or how things are “supposed” to go … and experiencing them as truth. Find your own truth! Flood yourself into your most intuitive, unshakeable space, where attachments are illusion and your connection to all of life is entangled. 

You may have been feeling the build up of this immense Moon for the past two weeks (I most certainly have!). And this may have been manifesting in your life as out-of-the-blue physical discomforts (particularly in the solar plexus region — the stomach, intestines, and lungs).

Remember through all of that: nothing at all is wrong with you. You are most inherently never imbalanced, never out of alignment, never not whole. If you feel that something is wrong with you,  begin to see it as your mind creating a problem because it is a problem solver. These problems translate energetically throughout the body, conversing with bodily processes, creating blockages and corners of stagnancy, which manifest in this human experience as a general lot of perplexing discomfort and illness. We are all subject to this, because we are human. Being human is a visionary dance of learning lessons, remembering intuitive oneness, knowing and loving ourselves, knowing and loving God. It isn’t that we should be aiming to get to a place where we aren’t creating anymore attachments or discomfort, but it is purely that we are called to perpetually practice observing what is, and to purge (let gooooo of) what doesn’t feel absolutely true for you! I believe in you. We are all doing this — we are all in this — together. An inflatable raft is great for river rapids, so we must cling to survive. When we reach the sea and a sailboat is there, we must let the raft go in favor of the sail, thus we dance between attachment and non-attachment in all of life's situations.

It is certainly not that something is wrong with you, because you are much more than this body. And we must let go of these concepts we have about what the word “you” really involves. We can experiences ourselves as the “you” or “me” of our ego and mind, or we can experience ourselves as the “you” or “me” of our intuitive nature. The latter forever feels much better for me to navigate life from. And if we are coming from that space, then we can remember that we are actually not at all this body or this mind — that we are the unchangeable, brilliant spirit of the hummingbird (of pulsing vibration), temporarily experiencing what it is like to peer through human eyes. We are the energy of the cosmos, of the Moon, of Mother Earth. 

I know that this letter is much longer than usual, but it’s a big Moon! There is so much to say, I can’t hold it in. And this is exactly the energy of this time — we must express and move! We must translate our intentions into actions. We must express gratitude for getting the opportunity to do so. I encourage you to really get up and move your body in ways that feel most releasing for you. Dance, sing, play your instruments, write your words, do your yoga. Be childlike. Be free. Release, release, release. 


A Ritual to Practice: Create an Altar

I love creating altars! Whether it’s on my bedside, windowsill, counter top, or a designated corner — curating a little space of physical offerings that make me feel intuitive, connected, and beautiful is very important to me. On this Full Super Moon Total Lunar Eclipse, do the same! Again, doesn’t matter where it is, just set yourself up a little area full of things that make you feel most you. 

On your altar, place little offerings — flowers, leaves, crystals, jewelry, a letter from a loved one … and your Full Moon gratitude list! The gratitude list is essential! Just write out a handful (or more if you wish!) of things that you are grateful for at this present time. Sage your altar, say a little prayer, give even more thanks. Every time you look at this space, be reminded of how cared for and blessed you are.

X. M


* Art is by Cristian Boian


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