LUCIO FONTANA Nudo Rosa, 1967 Etching and aquatint in colors with embossing, on wove paper,

give your body time. give time, time. on Earth, everything takes relative time. fight this, attempt to manipulate this, and you’re stressed.

you are as powerful as anything, and yet, you must surrender to the fact that you don’t actually have the “immediate” manifesting powers that your ego wants. allow things to take their sweet time to come to be, and enjoy each moment as it is. because all moments are the same — they’re just Now, and they’re just the same single one moment of eternity, infinity, always! it’s all, always, just One. Single. Moment. Now.

it really wasn’t until a month or so ago that I began to notice the most dramatic shift in my health and general wellbeing. after almost a year of being on the island of Hawaii, I can confidently say that the energetic buffer that is the Pacific Ocean has rooted me, aligned me, settled me with the Aina more than I knew I needed settling. we get so stressed out! in the Matrix of a societal structure, we all have this underlying vibration of anxiety. it’s near impossible not to — when you’re in it, around it, consumed by it. while living in the big city, even the moments (or periods of time) in which I thought I was least-stressed, I now realize I was incredibly stressed. without returning to Mama — without coming back to the power of Earth — we are nearly gone. disconnected. nearly so gone.

it really wasn’t until a month or so ago that I began to notice this embodiment — this integration within my body — of the power of the plants around me, under me, within me. to those who know me, it’s no secret that I have battled some frustrating, relentless health obstacles for quite some time, the worst of which being acne. the rest of which being adrenal fatigue, depression, anxiety, the works. and for all the weeks, months, years, that I waited patiently for those things to disappear overnight, they didn’t. they stayed, or went but creeped back in. they’d be gone for a day, or a month, but they’d somehow find they’re way — the stressed out vibrations manifest in this delicate body as same thing, different day. why? I identified. I, however consciously, identified in order to wake up. we choose these things because we need to learn to see.

I had to learn my lessons. I had to come back home. I had to surrender to Mama Earth — Her nourishment, healing, being. I had to learn these lessons, the biggest of which being a surrender to her time sweet time.

and my closing thought: does She even have such thing as “time”? no, She really doesn’t. only we do. only our minds do. surrender to that, trust Her, trust this. enjoy the ride. you're alive!


*LUCIO FONTANA Nudo Rosa, 1967 Etching and aquatint in colors with embossing, on wove paper,

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Beautifully expressed. I too have had to learn how to give things, like healings, their space and sweet time to manifest. This post also gives me a deep feeling of excitement as I get closer to stepping away from the city and return to the land! Thanks Meagan, much love <3

Maura March 02, 2017

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