The I Am Beauty Pendant :: Spring 2019

i am beauty limited edition pendant necklace moon & rock


Two years ago, I started my very first company, a jewelry company, which was then called Steele Henry. That brand morphed into Moon & rock, which has since evolved into so much more than just jewelry.

Through years of experience battling acne, and therefore low self-worth and confusion around my place and purpose, I’ve done deep work in cultivating ways to heal + care for my skin both internally and externally. The Alchemy skin serum manifested as a way to heal my skin topically, and it came to a point where I couldn’t not share it with you all anymore. I got (and still get) many questions a day about what I’ve used + done to heal my skin, so beginning to send Alchemy all over the world was a no-brainer.

Since then, it’s become increasingly clear that my heart of hearts is massively in all things skin…how to care for it both externally as well as internally (energetically) because in my own experience, this aspect of skincare has been equally as important as what I’ve used topically. Long story short, Evan (my beautiful husband + business partner since the Steele Henry days) and I have felt for a while now that Moon & Rock is calling us into obvious new directions for the skincare, and that’s where our energy needs to focus.

Now with a newborn baby + multiple other avenues of responsibility in life, we’ve decided to let the jewelry, as a company herself, rest. However, we don’t desire to give it up entirely, as it’s such a rewarding + inspiring art for us and we live for the stories we receive about how much these pieces mean to you! They’re solid gold heirlooms that will last to be passed down through generations.

We’ll now be offering a piece a season ~ these will be limited edition designs that will only be available for a few weeks a year. This spring 2019, our first seasonal heirloom is the I Am Beauty pendant. It will be available until April 15, 2019. You may access it here!

The allegory behind this piece is so fitting for this blossoming season of spring in the northern hemisphere, as well as in our own lives + the new direction of our business…a new direction into Beauty, redefining + recreating what that means for us all. Thank you for being here. Raise your hand if you’ve been here since the Steele Henry days. I love you. You are Beauty! May this heirloom serve to always remind you of that truth.

x Meagan