THE COMPLETE SYSTEM: Everything You Need to Know

the complete system organic skincare to heal acne naturally moon + rock

At Moon + Rock, we have a system of inner + outer alchemy which holds a truth that the caring of our skin (and bodies in general) is a dance of inner + outer alchemy  caring for ourselves on both an an emotional / spiritual level as well as on a physical / topical level. The inner alchemy is the ritual of inner contemplation and curiosity (we share a lot on this through our social channels and in our free e-book I Am Beauty).

The outer alchemy is The Complete System range of nutrient dense topicals that we use daily for epidermal nourishment and regeneration.

These serums together consist of a complete but minimalistic range of essentials that every skin type benefits from. Together, they are consciously designed for you to experience regeneration of symptoms of all different kinds  from acne to scarring to discoloration to rapid maturation, and everything in-between.

Just as the rest of the body, the skin fundamentally requires the basic essentials of nutrients and hydration. These topicals are rich supplements for the skin. We take in nourishment for the skin from the inside, and energetically. But from the outside, we can provide essential nutrients as well, and very effectively.

The body loves to be touched — to be recognized and talked to and caressed with intention. It responds and transforms according to this quality of loving attention. The Complete System gives us the chance to be our own best lovers every day by ritualizing the application of delicious topical nutrients and hydration that we can apply gently, lovingly, with intention and care.

We can apply them by speaking kind words to ourselves, or by just taking a few moments to re-center and breathe deeper. We can apply them as reminders of how much we love ourselves, and for how held and supported we are by the plant essences steeped within them. The Complete System is designed to be both immediately soothing and relieving, while also being regenerative and protective long term.

Use of The Complete System goes like this —


  1. After cleansing (be it with water or a gentle cleanser), apply 1-2 pumps of Atone Hyaluronic Acid Serum
  2. Then apply 1-2 pumps of Clarity Vitamin C Skinfood
  3. Then apply 3-5 drops of Alchemy Universal Skin Serum, being mindful to include all problem areas. A drop or two of Alchemy can be placed on problem areas / breakouts throughout the day as well.


  1. After cleansing (be it with water or a gentle cleanser), apply 1-2 pumps of Atone Hyaluronic Acid Serum
  2. Then apply 1-2 pumps of Radiance Retinol Rose (for times of pregnancy and breastfeeding, use Clarity Vitamin C Skinfood at night as well)
  3. Then apply 3-5 drops of Alchemy Universal Skin Serum all over face

...all always in joy! 

moon + rock organic skincare to heal acne naturally

To learn more about the unique power of each serum in The Complete System, see each of their blog posts / product pages here —

On a personal note (from Meagan, founder of Moon + Rock) — I spent way too many years of my precious life in search for the perfect products and the perfect routines to heal my cystic acne and get my skin to the thriving place I knew it naturally wanted to be in. I picked up a lot of inspiration and tidbits along the way, but I never found a system or a brand that I felt was really speaking my language every level — of both body and spirit — and so I naturally, without even really meaning to, created it for myself and ultimately, for you.

This system was birthed out of my need to pare back to some skincare essentials that could nourish and regenerate my skin without being overly costly and luxe, without being overly complicated, and while at the same time, speaking my language and providing me with a sustainable, super high integrity experience in ingredients and practices.

moon + rock acne testimonial before and after healing organic skincare

Moon + Rock products have been dreamed up from own heart and experimented with over the course of years. Our products are then handmade in a certified organic, fully wind and solar powered, women-owned and run facility in the Pacific Northwest of North America.

These topicals are so precious, that I have chosen to give them a loving home within the protective boundaries of Miron violetglas, which reduces harmful UV and environmental exposure to the delicate plant essences inside, keeping them potent and pure for far longer than your average product in clear or amber glass. We hand-fill every single bottle from our family farm on the Big Island of Hawai'i.

This system is designed to retexture and regenerate your skin’s function and feel over time through consistent nourishment and deeper hydration — it definitely has for me! By giving your skin the daily nutrients it craves, it will become less susceptible to breakouts, inflammation, discoloration, scarring, and premature maturation.

When I created Alchemy, I was at my lowest point with my cystic acne. It was beginning to scar me on more levels than just skin. I had tried everything, but to no avail. Each new avenue I went down left me feeling more broken than when I began. I tried everything from apple cider vinegar washes and acupuncture, to raw veganism and ingesting every next luxurious superfood that promises clear skin. I also swung in the opposite direction and tried Accutane, which gave me panic attacks, depression and joints so achy it hurt to get out of bed in the morning. Spoiler: Accutane also didn't work. Just before I created Alchemy, I had given up all hope that my acne would get better. And I believe that it was in this brokenness that I really surrendered — I finally let go of the need to fix it and allowed a new narrative with my skin to be woven in my consciousness. This new narrative became the foundation upon which my healing was built — unconditional friendliness and care for my precious life and a divinely untethered knowing of my worth. Around this same time, my dad shared with me that he was invested in a medial research and development lab that he recently heard was using a natural, non-toxic topical skin solution that was radically regenerating skin with everything from melanomas and post-melanoma scarring to burn scars to acne. He had a sample of it and I gave it a try. After the first use, I woke up the next morning and immediately felt a difference. I still remember that to this day. I remember noticing less redness and inflammation and generally just more nourishment. I contacted the lab and had them work the formula for me to include all organic ingredients and they happily did that for me. Alchemy was born, and I have used it every single day since.

When I launched Alchemy in the world, it was because I had an incessant need to share it with others. I knew that if this could provide me such sweet relief over time, it would do the same for others as well. The response was immediately huge. Alchemy was nourishing and regenerating skin worldwide and gaining momentum quickly. It brought me so much zest and joy, and I naturally started spending more time sharing my journey and the insights I’d gathered on the path to healing my skin. Through the many years of learning about the skin through deep research and experimentation, there were some other topical nutrients I knew I wanted to bring in — I wanted to develop them from my own heart and hands, knowing exactly where the ingredients came from and how they were woven together.

Through my years of research, I came to intimately know some of the fundamentals that the skin loves and responds wonderfully to. These were Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, and Retinol. Thus Atone, Clarity, and Radiance were born, alongside some of the dozens of other powerful plant-based ingredients synchronized with those fundamental nutrients.

I share this with you so that you know that there is a real person with a really big heart standing right here with you, on the same path. The issue I felt with a lot of skincare brands when I was in the depths of my acne journey was that I didn't feel like they really understood me as a unique, intuitive individual. More so, they were approaching me as a mysterious brand name with questionable motives. So I want you to know that I am right here with you every step of the way and truly, this range of topicals has brought so much radiance and regeneration into my skin (into my whole life), beyond my wildest dreams! I am so honored to share it with you.

If you ever have questions or just want to touch in, don't hesitate to reach out to

Much much love,


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