We Need You to Know Something

we need you to know something blog post by moon & rock


Hi dear friends!

There I something I want for you to know . . . 

Change and I have become very best friends in the last few years. When I really began to do the work of getting back in touch with my intuition, and what it is that she really needs to create in life, I have been wholly unable to run away from the change that wants to occur. Like, impossible. Radical newness has flooded my life in unexpected, brilliant ways, all of which have felt incredibly confusing at times, as well as incredibly clear at times. And I share this with you, because I know for a fact that I am not alone in this. If you’re human, then you have gone through this, or will go through this, too. Change is a good thing!

Too many times, I have judged myself about the changes that I know need to make, out of fear that I’m being irrational, or indecisive. But behind those icky feelings, I know what an illusion they are! In truth, I see that we are  all led into certain projects and ideas that were never meant to stay stagnant — they were designed to be in flux and evolve alongside us as real, evolving people.

And so, really, that is what this little letter is all about — to let you all know that what was once my jewelry company and ethos called Meagan Moon has now merged into a new company identity that couldn’t feel more aligned or straight up “right” in my and my partner’s life.

What was just Meagan Moon (the jewelry, the Youtube, my Moon letters, my website, the works) is now Moon & Rock 

Why? Well, because it no longer feels aligned for this to be just about me, but about me and the other half that makes everything whole. Evan has always been the absolute other half of the jewelry, the Youtube, of everything in my life! And we both so crave for what it is that we’re creating and doing to be a family affair. There are so many exciting things happening within and around us at this moment, all of which we look forward to sharing in the coming weeks, months, years. But for now, I just want to let you know, that Moon & Rock is where it’s at, and we are so, so honored to have you as a part of this family. Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out, or hit us up in the comment section on Youtube.

In short, here are the main changes you may expect to see:

  • My Moon letters aren’t going anywhere! Trust me. They are the highlight of my whole day when I get to do them. However, they will no longer be going out in an email format per usual, but they will be put up as a blog post on our website’s blog. Head here to explore what’s already there! Be sure to check there during each New & Full Moon to get your dose. I’ll also be alerting you about them on my Instagram as soon as they go up.
  • You may or may not have already noticed that the Youtube is now Moon & Rock — we changed that a few weeks ago
  • You may or may not have already noticed that my website is now MoonAndRock.com — we changed that yesterday
  • Retreats are still on! Stay tuned for us to announce future dates. 
  • The jewelry is now Moon & Rock, and yes, we’ve been working on tons of new pieces to go up on the site soon! Including some men’s things… :-) 

That's about it! Please let us know if you have any questions.


Meagan & Evan