by Meagan Henry


Could easily be categorized under SPIRIT, but since we’re “chemically” speaking here, this is so much BODY love. I have been ingesting ZenBunni’s cacao alchemy for years. Their biodynamic vibe hits my heart home. Their branding easily brings me into awareness — into remembrance — of the sacredness and persistence of existence.

I can’t wait to try their new Biodynamic Coffee (!!!) what ecstasy. The Shiva Rose Coco is a blessing. The Rainbow Box will super charge your soul.

Thank you Zen & Bunni for your work here. My body feels far yummier for it.

ZenBunni Cacao Alchemy / STEELE HENRY MUSINGS 


I'm learning a lot about the nature of Nature from Elegant Universe by Brian Greene. And for a C-science-student, I'm understanding a lot. My mind is expanding beyond our earthly concept of time, and similarly contracting back into the deepest explanations for energy manifest as matter. String Theory is a trip! I'm grateful for this insightful book, and humbled before the men and women who have dedicated their lives to studying these radical things! Our mind's may never wholly come to a T.O.E (Theory of Everything), but I find it so beautiful to try.

Elegant Universe by Brian Greene / STEELE HENRY MUSINGS



Indigenous Social Entrepreneurship Study. Incausa’s offerings “enable purposeful commerce of indigenous artisanship and heritage”.  Their invigorating bundles and healing incense are amongst my favorites — made in small batches, aged for energetic preservation, emitting smokes of spirit work throughout living spaces. Thank you Incausa for helping us to tune back in.




I have been dreaming of adorning my home with a Heather Levine wall hanging since I first came across her marvelous art at General Store when I was living in SF. Her shapes are reverent, her materials ancient. The raw fluidity of it all captures my attention, and I feel her flow of creation in each piece. 

I am still dreaming of a wall hanging, but now with the addition of a ceramic disco lamp! Oh baby!

Heather Levine art at General Store / STEELE HENRY MUSINGS



Polly Wales, I adore your raw, bitsy gemstone rings! I adore everything — but the rings particularly slay me. Polly is intuitive and intimate in her handcrafting. I so admire the organic, treasure-full approach that she takes to design. Through her cast-in-place process, pieces are meant to “mold and evolve along with the person wearing it.” To me, that is what personal, purposeful adornment entails. I want a Mixed Cut Sapphire Pinched Eternity Ring, pleez!



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