by Meagan Henry



This video about pop culture is frighteningly enlightening.

Just finished this book in my kindle, but also bought a hard copy to keep, because it is super gorgeous and kind of changed my life.



Back to doing Kayla's BBG every other day . . . I've been missing that burn. Booty. So. Sore.

Ashwaganda + He Shou Wu every single day, in any way. Tonic. Smoothie. Dressing. 



Bachan soundcloud playlists on repeat.

Peppermint diffusions all day while I work. Brining in peace and elevation with every breath.



Have a couple babes from this very beautiful artist coming in the mail so soon. Cannot wait to adorn my teas, tonics & succulents with her yummy work.

Speaking of succulents, been learning more how to propagate keikis. Plucking of whatever I can, and patiently awaiting their stretch towards the sun.



Warning: no link here, just putting some feelers out there for luxury sacred garments ~ made organically, sustainably, ethically, slowly . . . preferably out of the LA area. Ideas, anybody?

Currently working a couple very special new things for Steele Henry. I'm all giddy about it. Stay tuned!

Sweet-footed things.



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