We wear our stories. This is what adornment has been about since the beginning of time. I am by no means against consumption. Rather, I stand tall with conscious consumption. I get powerfully inspired by adorning my life with bits of art — pieces that mean something to me, and remind me of my most creative, intuitive nature.
I started this jewelry line as my very fist business. It flooded from my heart just months after having quit my NYC job and moved to Hawaii, with no plan other than to follow my intuitive pings. This was certainly one of them. It has opened me up in explicable ways. It has allowed me to live the life that I ultimately dreamed of living, on an island in the Pacific.
It has been a marriage of my past and my present, and an expression of my unifying dreams.
There is something very sustainable and very cyclical about adorning with such alchemy. The wearability of these pieces will last for ages — continuously steeped with personal stories, purpose, connection and love. There is something about creating adornments made up of Earth’s ancient ingredients that resonates with me on an ethical level, as well as on spiritual and personal levels.
A Meagan Moon piece is an heirloom that is meant to be kept and worn, passed down and continuously passed down for generations to come.
Imbue your own meaning into the piece! It is intended as your blank canvas for creation.