Moon & Rock



The sacred space between you two.

This ring is solid 14k rose gold or sterling silver (it will not tarnish)

Shank base thickness: 2 mm


There’s not much finer or more freeing than having someone hold space for you to be, or you holding space for someone else to be — to grow and evolve, feel into feelings, make big decisions. Expressing yourselves as needed is the most beautiful thing! It’s a blossoming flower — unfurling in sacred sunlight — the space in which you hold.

You as one strong crescent, your friend as another, the space between you two, light and vulnerable, honest and breezy. Let it all go back into that space. Hold it there for the times when it’s needed most. Peer into it and remember the recycled nature of existence. It all goes back into space. Remember that the space is always there for you to express yourself, and similarly, a friend will always be on the other side holding strong, shining bright, expanding love.

Are you afraid to open up? Are you afraid of energy coming in? Remember, there is fundamentally nothing that can hurt you, nothing that can throw you off balance unless you decide for it to be so. Snd if that’s what you decide, then you’re begging for a lesson. That’s so beautiful, too. Remember the space. Hold the space. Put it all back in there! 


For specialness, this ring is often made to order.

In some cases, please allow up to one month for delivery.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Do keep in mind, we operate from Hawai'i 

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