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Intuitive Alchemy is the journey of getting back in touch with your intuition in order to manifest your most desired reality

How can we expect what we want to manifest to show up in reality, if we’ve forgotten what we intuitively, authentically need?

These pages unfurl the intuitive process which has, quite literally, saved my life. And I am over the moon to finally share it with you! This is the process by which we tap into our most inherent essence — our intuition — in order to transform dark into light, pain into bliss, lack into boundless abundance.

But, what even is intuition?! What does it feel like?! And how do we "just know"?! These are the puzzling questions that this book unveils. This book will also guide you through answering those questions for yourself.

Intuitive Alchemy answers:

  • What is intuition?
  • What is alchemy?
  • What is Intuitive Alchemy?
  • How do we get in touch with our intuition?
  • How do we manifest a dream life that’s in alignment with our most authentic Self?

Intuitive Alchemy is structured in five essential chapters, to guide you peacefully from one aspect of this process through another. All the while, I have sprinkled through a plethora of powerful prompts, or exercises, to help you get deeply in touch with your intuition so that you may answer these questions for yourself. I similarly share with you my ultimate tools for aligning your reality with the answers that come through, so that you may apply the concepts very realistically into your life today.

Intuitive Alchemy is the eternal process of returning back again into the heart of love — back into the most authentic version of you.

I am so honored to take this journey with you. To read even more about it, click here

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