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Hi! Meagan here. This is my Intuitive Moon E-Book  crafted to serve as your delicious appetizer to my New & Full Moon bi-monthly love letters (found on our blog). In these letters, I dive into the particular essences, illuminations, manifestations, and lessons of that time and Moon phase. ✧ 

In this book, I go through New & Full Moon symbology, as well as a ritual to practice during each. I also go through a bit about Moon's in-between phases, and what they can teach us about our precious life.

As a species, we have created a powerful disconnect between who we are and what the cosmos is. This book is not about teaching you how to work with the Moon in order to get what you want. Rather, it’s a gentle introduction to encourage you to use the Moon as a symbol in your life — a symbol with whatever meaning you decide! It is meant to encourage you to work on deconstructing the beliefs you’ve carried about the Moon and your connection to her; to how she works; to her power over us, or our power over her; to how intentions work; to how manifestation works...

It brings me a lot of joy to connect with the Moon, and with you, in this way. Though we may be in separate, far away places, our universal experiences are inextricably linked. 

Getting in touch with the essences of each Moon has brought my life immeasurable purpose, and my prayer is that it may do the same for you.

I am so honored to take this journey with you! 

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