ALCHEMY: your ultimate skin savior. Though we will forever preach that good skincare begins within your consciousness (meaning your self-worth and the beliefs you have about yourself + your world) there are still topical plant allies that want to help nourish + recalibrate our largest organ.

This is a universal face blend that we have seen work its wonders on all kinds of skin conditions — acne, blemishes, scarring, wrinkles, sun spots, sunburns, psoriasis, eczema and rashes. This blend both aids in quelling cystic acne, as well as recalibrating deep scars and discoloration. Use over time fades blackheads and stimulates new collagen production in lines and wrinkles.

In our mission to cut single use plastics, this product comes in a reusable cloth bag and recycled paper envelope.

Through your support with this sale, one dollar will be donated to One Tree Planted to root one new tree being somewhere on our Mother Earth where it is needed most.


All oils are organic, cold-pressed and of the purest quality. We never ever skimp on the potency of our plants! This bottle's contents are 1fl oz / 30 ml. 

Marula Seed Oil ⊹ Called the “elixir of youth”, Marula Seed oil is rich in anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial omegas that reverse sun damage, reduce the appearance of scars, boost cellular turnover, build collagen, and protect from environmental toxins.

Jojoba Seed Oil ⊹ The properties of Jojoba oil are the closest we have to our own skin’s oil properties, therefore it doesn’t clog pores and helps to keep our oil production balanced while being both astringent as well as deeply moisturizing. It helps to regulate hormonal imbalance and speeds up wound mending (like from popping a zit). 

Argan Oil ⊹ A rare oil that’s high in both oleic (omega 9) and linoleic (omega 6) fatty acids, both of which aid acne-prone skin tremendously. Linoleic acid reduces inflammation and acne flare ups, as well as increases skin moisture levels (when the skin is too try, it over-compensates and produces more oil, causing clogged pores and blemishes!). Oleic acid improves the skin’s permeability and assists other ingredients to penetrate the skin more easily.

Coconut Oil ⊹ The triglycerides within coconut oil help to retain skin moisture and keep the blend grease-free. Its lauric acid content makes it highly antibacterial + antiviral, helping to eliminate the bacteria which clog pores or worsen rashes. It’s perfect for sensitive skin.

Lavender ⊹ Tames inflammation, disinfects acne and blemish bacteria, and diminishes scarring 

Tea Tree ⊹ The most powerful disinfectant for acne and blemishes, and is anti-inflammatory

Frankincense ⊹ A powerful astringent that is so essential for clearing scarring, large pores, and wrinkles

Tetraethoxysilane ⊹ A key ingredient that we praise this oil blend for. It signals the body’s own innate immune system to work its magic from the inside, out. It is completely non-toxic.

Dicaprylyl Carbonate ⊹ This is another completely non-toxic, sustainable ingredient which helps the oils within this blend to penetrate even deeper into the skin. We rely on it as a catalyst for ultimate absorption of the powerful plants it’s mixed with.

Lovingly rub 5-7 drops onto clean skin both morning + evening after cleansing.

* Our serums are always bottled in biophotonic Miron Glass to protect the potency of the plant oils inside. This bottle and it's contents are completely recyclable! At the end of it's life, please give it a loving home in your city's recycling bin, or better yet, reuse it

Bonus with Every Order 𖤓 Receive the I Am Beauty e-book, our holistic skin manifesto. This is an 18 page PDF free with every Moon + Rock purchase. You will be able to download it through the shipping confirmation email from any of your orders.

And if after 30 days you don't love Alchemy, we'll refund you. See terms here.

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05 Apr 2021
Tracey F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

This serum is quite lovely and smells nice with a background of tea tree.

04 Apr 2021
Taylor C.
United States United States

I love this product. I have been using it for almost a month and my face looks amazing. I have rosacea, and the redness is slowly fading. I also have a skin tag under my eye and it seems smaller.

04 Apr 2021
Only Thing I Want on my Face

After stopping hormonal birth control months ago, I had been experiencing painful, itchy and inflamed acne across my chin and forehead. It was impossible to get rid of and left me with dark scars that made me feel just completely disappointed and estranged when I looked in the mirror. I didn't feel like I looked like myself and nothing seemed to work. Even before ending the medication, I struggled with acne that seemed like it chose one pore to climb into and irritate, and my skin hadn't seemed to have the youthful glow it did just a short time ago. I was desperate when I tried this product. I'm getting married this coming fall and I knew I needed to find my solution now because eating perfectly and exercising wasn't going to cut it. I tried Alchemy and within a week, the inflamation was gone. My face feels good after a whole day and I'm never itching (no pun intended) to wash it anymore. I honestly wasn't convinved that anything was going to help my hormonal acne get better, but Alchemys is erasing scars that I've had for years. If you haven't tried this product yet, make the investment in your skin. Commit to not buying loads of the cheap garbage they sell in stores and make the decisions to treat your skin with the quality it deserves.

11 Jan 2021

My skin feels radiant and vibrant since using Alchemy and Atone. So grateful to find this amazing company and products. I am excited to try Clarity, Lush, and Nourish. Thank you!

08 Jan 2021

Highly recommend this skincare! For a long while I had NO idea what my skin needed. I tried so many natural brands and none felt right. I've been using the Alchemy skin serum & the Hyaluronic Acid Serum for the last 5 months or so, and they truly feel so nourishing and clearing for the skin. My skin has a more dry tendency as I spend a lot of time on the beach, but when i'd put on oils i'd break out immediately. Their serums are super hydrating but not oily. They never make me break out. My complexion is clearer and my skin feels generally more plump and nourished. I just stocked up again on Alchemy, Atone (Hyaluronic) and their brand new Vitamin C Serum 'Clarity'. I'm sooo excited to be a lifelong customer of this special brand. Meagan is just such an incredible being and I love supporting her alchemical skinfood creations! Thank you angels.

17 Jun 2020
absorbs so easily

I received my alchemy serum a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to give it some time before reviewing. This serum smells incredible and absorbs so easily into the skin. I use it for everything, on my face, rashs, I’ve even used it as makeshift deodorant. I love it!

10 May 2020
oily but sensitive

I have large pored skin with black heads on my nose. My skin is oily but sensitive at the same time, very easily irritated. I have been using really good quality natural beauty products all my life long and was sure I had done the best I could that my skin probably was at the best state it could be. Until… I discovered the Alchemy Serum. I was not fully convince putting more oil on my already oily skin but this Serum has literally changed my skin into plum, rosy, small pores. I am so so so happy. I will be only using this on my skin from now on. Thank you Meagan!

09 Jan 2019
Morgan S.
two weeks in

I am two weeks in with the Alchemy serum. I can't express enough how thankful this is to my life. I have struggled to get good skin for the last 7 years! Nothing an I mean NOTHING has worked until this. Thank you so much for creating this beautiful product and I will use this for the rest of my life! You are such a light.

09 Jan 2019
Molly L.
game changer

Your serum is a game changer.

09 Jan 2019
bad stretch marks

I had pretty bad stretch marks on my ******* after pregnancy and they're literally gone now! It only took a few weeks of using the Alchemy oil every day for them to disappear. I couldn't believe it!

09 Jan 2019
Jinti F.
two small scars

I have to tell you, my sister used your serum the past two days on two small scars on her chest and within that time, they have already noticeably faded!! She is so happy as she had kinda accepted they would be there forever. Also my mum has had a breast removed and has really really intense scaring on her chest. She has had it operated on maybe 4 times. She plans on using your oil on it too!

09 Jan 2019
incredible difference

GUYS! I got my Alchemy Skin Serum and I have noticed an incredible difference in my skin over a matter of 5 days. It's incredible. The smell is beautiful. The way it makes me feel is amazing. I will definitely be ordering more in the near future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this magical potion. I've been suffering from acne scars and cystic acne for years and to finally find something that I trust will make a difference means the absolute world. You guys are absolute Earth angels.

09 Jan 2019
thank you so much

Hi Meagan!! I just want to thank you so much for Alchemy, this product has completely changed my skin. Al the redness is completely gone & it's the clearest and softest it's ever been. I'm so happy to have this in my life. Thank you!

09 Jan 2019
cystic pimples

Ok! So i ordered alchemy on saturday and i got it yesterday and oh my god! I've always had cystic pimples on my skin and super dry peeling skin on my face. Also i noticed i always wake up with really painful whiteheads on my chin every single morning. I watched your skin routine and i was like huh! It wouldnt hurt to try just washing my face with water, and i instantly saw my face change in 3 days. And i started using alchemy yesterday it immediately helped my dry skin and i noticed i didnt have any breakouts on my chin last night plus my skin is super soft! So thank you so much. I usually never order anything from youtubers because i don't really trust any of them and i think they're just lieing to make me buy there products. But you have such genuine energy ❤❤ Ps i think what i was doing was stripping my face with harsh face washes. Yikes! Edit! I can tell this is gonna my new favorite!

09 Jan 2019
Patti C.
blown away!

When I first started using Alchemy, I was blown away! I had a deep and jagged scar next to my eye where two basal cell carcinomas had been removed. I expected to live with that scar — another sign of aging — but then began to daily apply the oil. Within weeks, the scar had all but disappeared! I began to use it liberally on my face and neck and the difference has been powerfully noted on by friends and family. Now, if I have any damage to my skin, I rush to apply Alchemy as I know that the marriage of science and beauty heals! Thank you Meagan & Evan for creating this beautiful blend!

09 Jan 2019
Heather S.

I got some Alchemy for eczema a month ago, and so far, it's worked wonders. It's great!