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AQUA MARINUS is available in 14k rose gold, 14k yellow gold, or sterling silver

Choose between two chain lengths: 16in or 18in

Stone size: 2mm

Aquamarine evokes the purity of crystalline waters, and the surrender of the sea. She calms the nervous system, balances the endocrine system, and inspires the heart to keep letting go. AQUA MARINUS is our sweet speech protector — she instills our throat with the ability to speak our Truth, unapologetically, with grace and compassion for all beings. She instills fearlessness where there is falter, and consciousness where there is sleep. Her symmetry is a lustrous mirror for accelerated self-healing — ushering us into the wisdom within feelings, and provoking the clarity of how to surrender them up. And as a travel aid, AQUA MARINUS guards the energy of those who frequently travel— whether that be by car / subway to and from work, or on long-haul plane flights a few times a year. Within the cold confines of machinery, she floods the essence of the sea — harmonizing breath, encouraging detoxification of the respiratory system, and regulating the organic production of hormones. Adorn with AQUA MARINUS as a treasure from the mermaids of your dream sea.


For specialness, this pendant is often made to order.

In some cases, please allow up to one month for delivery.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Do keep in mind, we operate from Hawai'i 

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