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HŌKŪ'S HEART is crafted in 14k rose gold

Chain: .55mm / 16in / 14k rose gold 

Hōkū is Hawaiian for Star. all star-adorned pieces are named in honor of a special soul that graced and changed my life. His name was Hōkū.

A spark of brilliance. The most delicate manifestation of awe-inspiring explosions. Hōkū is cosmic education like no other — a representation of matter creating and expanding upon itself into the most bright and brilliant of stars, only to become so brilliant, so full, that it must collapse back in on itself. This process creates the sparkling starburst shape — the supernova. stars cannot continue on expanding forever — they must collapse back in! Just as we cannot give endlessly to what’s around us without turning back in for self-reflection, neither can the stars. You and them are one in the same.

And this generous-SELFLESSness-turned-loving-SELFISHness is what causes the brilliant flame of the supernova. It is the ultimate self-knowing — self-love. Unconditional devotion to ones own matter and energy turning inward, radiating color and brilliance like no other.

The flame of the starburst is not one to be fearful of. In fact, it something to marvel at! To celebrate and to learn from. Matter has become so compact — it has given it’s neighboring planets and cosmic friends warmth and potential life. But take the mass of a such a star, then compress it down into an object so ultimately compact — that force of gravity will defy comprehension. That force of gravity will begin to pull in what’s around it and transform energy into a beautiful mystery. Look at black holes! They are formed from such cosmic sparks.

Allow yourself to be like Hōkū — be generous to others AND to yourself. Put out, but pull back in. Not even light can escape this kind of gravity. You will always be made of stars. 


For specialness, this pendant is often made to order.

In some cases, please allow up to one month for delivery.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Do keep in mind, I operate from Hawai'i 

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