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NOURISH is available in either 14k rose gold, 14k yellow gold or 14k white gold, on an adjustable 14in to 16in chain.

The whole purpose of boobies is not what we think it is. Yes, they are beautiful objects of attraction, but the why behind their attraction is far more meaningful than the aesthetic pleasure they can derive. Boobies NOURISH. Mama Nature designed them as the pure nourishment source for our tender, growing bodies beginning just moments after we are born. We, as women, carry sacred vessels of life atop our heart’s chakra. The essences of love, care, and safety that emanate from them is like no other. As women, the nectar of NOURISH is our service. 

We originally created this pendant as a custom piece for a customer who asked for the design. However, it has since taken on an entirely new meaning for me, Meagan, personally. Having given birth just weeks ago (I wore the necklace during labor!), breastfeeding has certainly not been easy. It has been a roller coaster of learning how baby and I can best work together to get what she needs. And though all I wrote above is true, that doesn’t make it magic stars and beauty all of the time. The function of boobies is raw and messy. The reality is: feeding a ravenous, growing human from your chest is really tough work. And having a mother who survived breast cancer, I very much know how heartbreak and anxiety can manifest in the breasts of a woman.

May NOURISH be your reminder that all boobies, no matter what shape and size, no matter what trauma they may have gone through, no matter how much ravenous sucking they’ve endured … all boobies are Beauty. They are our service. We are the nectar of Mama Earth. We, as women, are NOURISH.  

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