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CHRYSALIS was co-designed in collaboration with the beautiful Tara Kemp. The below allegory came from her heart. We so hope that this piece instills the courage of transformation for you that it does for us. 
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CHRYSALIS is currently on pre-order. All orders will begin shipping out early July. 

CHRYSALIS is crafted in solid 14k rose gold with a tiny diamond. 

Her chain is 16in / 0.5mm / solid 14k rose gold

Turn inward to grow outward.

Butterfly knows it is okay to pause, to embrace the darkness and go within for a while, trusting that incredible growth is brewing. 

While you may at first feel weak sitting in the dark, not knowing when it will end, you remember that doing so is actually a reminder of your incredible strength. Turning inward with faith and unconditional love is an act of profound courage.

The butterfly is a symbol of transformation. She is a reminder of both where you’re going, and where you have been.

She is a celebration of the rocky journey you’ve weathered to arrive you to where you are today, and a tribute to future experiences of the fall and eventual rise. The middle is where the magic happens.

All struggle eventually fosters growth. Anything that breaks us down will in turn build us up, if we surrender to the darkness as our classroom.

Allow yourself to transform as many times as you need. And never compare your own path or healing with another. Trust that your unique experience is exactly what you need.

It’s okay to go be in a cocoon with yourself for a while. When you come back out to the world, you’ll emerge with a new set of wings.


For specialness, this pendant is often made to order.
In some cases, please allow up to three weeks for delivery.
Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!
Do keep in mind, we operate from Hawai'i 

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