Moon & Rock



HERBA is available in either solid 14k rose gold or 14k yellow gold

Shank Base Thickness: 1.6mm


Herba: Refers to the aerial parts or the aboveground parts of plants which may include the flower, leaf, and the stem of the plant, and occasionally fruits too.

Plants are people too. They feel deeply, and communicate clearly. Their global connection is vast. Their resilience is humbling. Plants reach their limbs up and wide to receive mana (life-force), and in seek of deeper symbiosis with what’s around them. HERBA reminds us of how to adjust to life — to surrender to the process and the time it takes to grow. HERBA encourages us to surrender to our intuitive urgings, in order to gain a deeper understanding of our purpose here, and of our connection with all else. Just like us, HERBA's true nature is adaptable, curious, comforting, wise. She allows herself to feel deeply, and to grow from what’s revealed. Grow grow grow! There is always room within you for more potential, more expression, clearer communication. HERBA is resilient love. 

For specialness, this ring is often made to order.

In some cases, please allow up to one month for delivery.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Do keep in mind, we operate from Hawai'i 

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