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This is the beginning, if there ever were such a thing.

This pendant is solid 14 karat rose gold or sterling silver (it will not tarnish)

Birth marked by a 2.5 mm cruelty-free diamond for large size and 1.5mm for small. Small pendant is loved-up with a hammered finish. 

Large is approx. 47mm long with over 6g total weight with chain. small is approx. 28mm in length with over 4g total weight with chain.

Nestled beneath an .55 mm, 18 inch (16 inch for small), 14 karat rose gold or sterling silver venetian box chain. 

Everything begins with a notion. All processes, all creations, arise out of an intuitive notion that something or another wants manifestation. Though, it’s important to make the distinction, that there is nothing that has not manifested. How are we to make sense of this?! All reality — metaphysical and physical — in this universe or a parallel one, is “real” simply by being possible; thus the concept of Infinity x Eternity = Now. I may have just made that equation up, but I can’t deny the complete sense it makes when attempting to convey the validity of everything that is. this isness is creation and vice versa.

The Notion pendant is me and I am it. It’s structure is a lovely translation of my own creative process — all begins in my ever-guiding intuition, and the compassionate notions that nudge me towards working for the greater good. Doesn’t your intuition do the same? The Notion also connects (while momentarily separating) two parts of the whole circle — the whole circle representing the infinite nature of energy, and the inclusivity of the universe.

Most of the time we feel part of the mysterious whole, sometimes supported and sometimes in conflict. Remember, opposing parts always beckon each other to pursue completion, integration, realization and creation. The diamond represents the pregnant notion of birth ushering forth new creatively while remaining cradled and supported by another through this process.

Adorn with The Notion, be pulled by your loudest inspirations, and smile! 

Let your notions be your guide.


For specialness, this pendant is often made to order.

In some cases, please allow up to one month for delivery.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Do keep in mind, we operate from Hawai'i 

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