Weaving True Beauty

Moon + Rock is weaving a new narrative around skincare — one focused on organic, responsible ingredients and a positive shift in our relationship with beauty. We believe that through use of rich topical micronutrients coupled with connection with our eternal essence, it is possible to transform and regenerate our skin.

I’m Meagan, the founder of Moon + Rock, and like many of you, I never felt that the mainstream beauty industry spoke my language. The narrative made me feel flawed and dependent upon big corps and structures beyond my comprehension. When I awoke to the realization that this narrative was false (not our destiny) and being woven in majority by men in big chairs in big board rooms in big cities, I decided to take my power back and do this skincare thing in a different way.

I birthed this company out of a long and painful journey with cystic acne and an intolerance for these societal standards of health and beauty.

I feel that the concept of beauty begins in our consciousness, in the thoughts and beliefs we carry about ourselves and the world. I equally believe in the power of Mother Earth’s elements and plant allies to aid in the expanding, healing, nourishing, and protecting of our physical body.

At Moon + Rock, our offerings serve to connect you with your inherent Beauty, that eternal essence of you which goes beyond the temporary symptoms arising on your skin. Through the power of potent plant actives, our serums serve to steep the skin in rich topical micronutrients and hydration, to nourish and protect through simple, sustainable rituals. These plants and rituals transcend all societal conceptions, beliefs, binaries, and trends.

Our serums are 100% non-toxic, cruelty free, and made of organic ingredients. They are designed for all skin types, during all stages of life. They are formulated in a fully wind and solar powered, woman owned and run, certified organic lab in the Pacific Northwest of North America. We then hand bottle and personally ship every single package that goes out to you from our home on the Big Island of Hawai'i.

May Moon + Rock always serve to remind you of your True Beauty beyond what is reflected in the mirror.


Meagan and the entire Moon + Rock family