⊹ ✺ Weaving True Beauty ✺ ⊹

I'm Meagan, and I am so glad to meet you here. I birthed Moon + Rock from my journey with cystic acne and an intolerance for societal illusions of health + beauty.

I believe that the concept of beauty begins in our consciousness, in the thoughts and beliefs we carry about ourselves and our world.

I equally believe in the power of Mother Earth’s elements and plant allies to aid in the expanding, healing, nourishing, and protecting of our physical body.

Moon + Rock is now a full on family effort, dreamed up and operated by me, my husband Evan, and our sweet young ones (yes, sometimes a little baby hand will help to secure your package closed). 

We craft 100% non-toxic, cruelty free, and highly effective skincare made of Mother Earth’s most potent essences to steep your skin in results you can see and feel and are gentle enough to use every day. Our products are designed for all skin types, during all stages of life. They are completely conceived of in our our hearts and hands, and then go on to be formulated in a fully wind and solar powered, woman owned and run, certified organic lab in the Pacific Northwest of North America. We then hand bottle and personally ship every single order that goes out to you. 

We invite you to explore our FOUR PILLARS OF SKINCARE which marry self care with self love for a truly wholistic, sustainable experience of health and beauty.

May Moon + Rock always serve to remind you of your True Beauty beyond what is reflected in the mirror.

⚘ Blessings 

Meagan and the entire Moon + Rock family, we love you!