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Aloha there! 

We are Meagan Moon and Evan Rock. Not only are we partners in business and creativity, but also partners in life. Other than the obvious name reasons, we have dubbed our business Moon & Rock in abundant gratitude for our earth and her silver satellite, and how they carry us though all aspects of our selves, rooted in intuition. Mama Earth and her Moon have taught us everything that we know about self-realization and alchemy. They influence all that we do.

Some things you may want to know about us:

  • We live in Hawaii (Big Island), but haven’t always. Meagan worked in fashion in NYC for a couple of years, until it came quite close to killing her. Evan worked in real estate in LA for a couple years, until he felt the same. We both sought the solace of the jungle for healing. And, well, we’re still here. (( if you’d like to read Meagan’s entire story, head here )) 


  • We make fine jewelry! Birthed from Meagan’s deep love, appreciation for, and connection to body adornments, she launched her very first business (the jewelry line) just months after moving to Hawaii. Pop here to learn more about that. And pop here to meet the pieces and adorn with one yourself! After a few name changes and rebranding phases (previously Steele Henry, and Meagan Moon), the jewelry was reborn as Moon & Rock two years later. We are forever inspired by the law of focus, and continually fueled by pairing back to only that which is most necessary. Our intention is to connect us all through symbolical, geometric body adornment to celebrate the spirit of story, and the metaphysical brilliance in design.


  • We have both forever been endlessly curious about the ever-elusive “intuition” and all that word conveys. We have sought answers for it in very dark, and very light places. The result of our searching has pushed us into surrender. Head here to learn more about what that means for us.


  • And so, we’ve lately been spending every day writing a book on the topic — outlining intuition and intuitive living for you, as well as our process for alchemizing reality (aka taking something negative and turning it into a positive) in order to manifest your most desired life. To lean and adapt our process for doing so, read Intuitive Alchemy!
  • It brings us inexplicable joy to create content on youtube every single day. Our channel is also called MOON & ROCK. And this takes up a whole lot of our time. Like, the majority of it. Wouldn't have it any other way.


  • We eat vegan, meaning, we have nada to do with consuming animals or their by-products. Evan has been living this way for over a decade, and Meagan for nearly five years. It’s saved both of our lives in countless ways.

We are here to be radically real with you. We are inspired by every single one of you, and continuously reminded that we are one! We are one intuitive essence, flooding through these vessels as unique, individual lives. But in our heart of hearts, we are all on the same path, going to the same place. We are all headed into Love.

We seek to remember this and create this with all that I do. 

Our experience on Earth thus far has been that of remembering how to live intuitively, in order to become the ultimate alchemist of our desired reality. This process, more than anything, is what we are over the moon excited to share with you.

Our lives have been one continuous process of re-discovering ourselves in energetic places, so that the physical places may bring in more harmony and peace. We seek to lift veils, break blocks, and see beauty in all that we do.

Our prayer is that by remembering your intuition, the alchemy of love will shine through you, too.

Mahalo x Moon & Rock

P.S. please never hesitate to reach out! We love to hear from you!


moon & rock about us page