moon & rock about us page

Moon + Rock is an intuitive lifestyle brand of adornments, serving to remind you of your inherent Beauty — that essence of you which goes beyond what is reflected in the mirror. Our offerings inspire inner (the Moon) + outer (the Rock) alchemy, providing you with the tools to transform your health + relationship with yourself from the inside, out. 

Founded by Meagan and Evan Rock, we are based on the Big Island of Hawai'i.

We believe that this life is one continuous process of re-discovering ourselves in energetic places, so that the physical places may bring in more harmony and peace. We seek to lift veils, break blocks, and see our original Beauty in all that we do.

Our prayer is that by remembering who you truly are, the alchemy of Beauty will adorn your life, too.

We also offer digital content exploring self-love, intuition and manifestation through our YouTube channel and E-Books: give Intuitive Alchemy + Intuitive Moon a read.

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